My Passion For Food

For me, cooking is never about making a meal just for the sake of having something to eat. I want to be able to make something that is both homemade and super delicious. I moved to Vancouver and started living on my own around five years ago, so for me, not cooking my own meal meant running out to get takeout every day. Obviously juggling between work and school wasn’t easy, so sometimes I would find myself spending on either sushi or ramen for days. The sad part is that I am not the only one and ‘Freshman 15’ is really not a myth. However, over time with a tight budget and many health concerns, I had to start cooking at home and eating healthy, but this is not exactly where my journey started.  

I always had a passion to cook from a very young age but I never really pushed myself to pursue it till now. Back home in Bangladesh, I would just love to watch my Mum cook and see how she would just keep tasting her food over and over again till she reached perfection. Thats when I realized that, as a cook, a spoon is your best friend and that is exactly how I learnt to cook as well.

In university, my friends and I would always get together to cook big meals and that’s when I realized how much I loved to cook for people who I cared for. I usually am not the type to open up a recipe and follow it to the tee, so I wanted to learn how to cook on my own and really learn what flavours work together. So I started reading books, trying to figure out the recipe of my favorite meals, and tried to find inspiration everywhere I went. From watching Masterchef Australia, to actually meeting Nigella Lawson, I used all the inspiration I could find to finally be able to create my own dishes. I was always under the impression that good cooks should be able to cook anything, whether it takes a minute or a day. However, after many a two failed attempts, I realized that the perfect dish can only be created when I have time, passion, and–most importantly–patience to find that perfect balance.

Food photography was never really a hobby of mine. However, going through the toughest transition in my life, between finding the right job and making sure I wouldn’t lose myself, I realized that cooking was the only way to push through my struggles. It never satisfied me to just cook new things and eat it for myself. The satisfaction came when I was able to share my love for food with others. To be honest, the real kick behind my work here isn’t just my passion for cooking, but the support and encouragement I get from the man in my life (and of course my cat who always waddles over and spreads across my tiny counter top just as I start to cook). We all have that one thing that drives us to take our passions that one step further, and for me, it is making a dish that makes him close his eyes, make a weird sighing noise, grab the food and walk away. That, to me, is perfection.

This blog is a way for me to express myself and share my food with the world. I would love for you to browse a little and maybe leave me a message. I hope that you get something out of my work here, even if it is just a source of procrastination :p. So browse a little, pick a dish and if you like what you see, Make it your way!