Taste Over Sight

Cooking food can mean different things, to different people. There are some of us who are just so passionate about cooking that we don’t mind spending hours making a mess in our kitchen. Whereas, there are others, who don’t want to spend hours cooking but,would rather just make sure they have a meal to eat at the end day.

Although it may all start in the tray, it never stays this organized. At least not for me, but I just wanted to say, that it’s ok to be messy. 

I think a lot of the time cooking is made to seem more difficult and demanding, and honestly, it is because of people like me who take pictures to make food look so nice, that it seems too damn difficult to make! Well, my first tip to everyone would be to stop thinking about making the food look good, and just worry about what you can to do make your dish taste amazing. The only thing that cooking demands is some heart and desire to actually want to cook some good and fresh food.

There’s a phrase in the culinary world which says, “We eat with our eyes”, which basically means that we like to eat food that looks good! Although that may very well apply to food we eat at restaurants, but I think it is a total misconception when it comes to home cooking. Cooking at home should be joyous, relaxing, satisfying and pleasurable.

The book I received from my first of many Nigella book signing events (definitely felt no less than a concert to me!). Came home and
spent the whole night bookmarking pretty much all the pages. 

One of all time cooking idols Nigella Lawson always says “that there is no such thing as guilty pleasure, and if anything, you should be guilty about not taking pleasure in food“, or something like that. I absolutely love Nigella’s philosophy of home cooking. It not only makes people feel special but makes one realize that cooking is about presenting your own story, or a piece of yourself on a plate. This woman has inspired me to be the cook I am from day 1. I actually had the honour of meeting her last winter, and taste some absolutely delicious recipes from her latest book, Simply Nigella

I think Nigella speaks the mind of every true home cook. Making food from the heart, that is not only satisfying for your guests, but for you too.  I believe that cooking can be made easy when you try to focus on increasing the depth of flavor in your food than focusing so much on following the steps to a long recipe. When cooking you have to trust your instinct and keep tasting your dish every step of the way. You want your guests to remember how good your food tastes, not how good it looks. 

The first cookbook I ever purchased with my own earning. It was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Never thought this one book could inspire me so much that one day I would be starting my own journey as a home cook. The best transcription of authentic Asian flavors in a book that I have ever tried. 

Inspiration to cook shouldn’t only come from others, but it should also come from within. I will keep posting more posts about where I get my inspirations from and the different things that inspire me to make a certain type of dish. I would really love to hear your stories too, so don’t hesitate to write to me and share some ideas on what or who inspires you 🙂




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