Honeycomb Treats

Christmas is near and that means holiday treats are a must! This recipe is like kitchen alchemy, so not only is it a treat for the one who eats, but the one who cooks as well. The first time I had honeycomb was at this amazing ice-cream place here in Vancouver. It was probably the most delicious things I had ever tried and frankly I was surprised I had never had it before!


Probably one of the simplest and easiest recipes out there, of course besides frying an egg, would be making these delicious and crunchy homemade honeycomb. I’ll be completely honest, although it is a simple recipe, it still took me a couple of tries to get the consistency right. I figured out that the bicarb is whatgives the honeycomb its real glory, and without the right amount, you end up with chewy honey teeth for hours!


The cooking process should take a maximum of fifteen minutes and it’s crucial that you keep an eye out during the whole process. Once your sugar and honey have turned into this beautiful golden color, it’s nearly time to add in your bicarb. Once the color goes from golden to slightly brown and caramelly, that’s the point where you want to add in the bicarb. It may be a nit-picky recipe, but believe me its so good! 


I really wish I got a video of the actual chemical reaction that happens once you add in the bicarb, but sadly I cook by myself so couldn’t go through with it. I know I might sound ridiculous calling it a chemical reaction, but it was just so fascinating! Once you have added all the ingredients you end up with this lava looking mixture, just all bubbly and beautiful caramel color. Just a little bit of resting and it becomes this amazing and perfectly crunchy pieces of honey. I used to wonder what it is about honey that bees love so much…Yup I get it now 🙂


To be honest I don’t know why I didn’t dip these pieces of honeycomb in dark chocolate to turn them into some homemade crunchy bars. Although my favourite combination is honeycomb and simple vanilla ice-cream. Does it get any better than that? I do encourage you to give your own twist to it and make it your way!

100grams of caster sugar
3 tbsp honey
1 tsp bicarbonate or baking soda

First step, prep all your ingredients, place a parchment on a baking tray and set aside. At this point, set aside all spoons and whisks because there is no stirring till you need to add the bicarb. Now that you’re ready, place your sugar and honey into a saucepan and set it under medium-low heat. Remember to not stir, but swirling the pan is permitted. 

Once your sugar and honey start to melt, you will slowly see little bubbles forming and thats when you really want to keep an eye out! The color will slowly go from light yellow, to golden to a nice caramel color, and thats your cue to get a whisk in one hand and bicarb in the other (check picture above). Once you’re ready, add in the bicarb and whisk whisk whisk! You only want to mix only for about 15 seconds and then just pour onto the parchment paper. 

At this point, let the mixture rest for at least a good fifteen minutes. You can touch after fifteen minutes to see if it is set. Once ready, grab a kitchen hammer or something heavy to smash your honeycomb into little bars. This bit is quite satisfying to say the least, so enjoy to the best of your ability. Once ready you could either dip them in some melted chocolate (1 cup chopped dark chocolate melted with 1 tbsp butter) or serve with ice-cream to experience the ultimate goodness of these treats. 

Honeycomb Treats
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